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7 Best Marketing Automation Tools To Boost Your Online Business

Online Marketing is a key factor for the growth of a company,one of the best things that i love about marketing is that it allows you to take your business to the next level. Choosing a right  tool can take your business to next level. But, How do you know which tool is going to boost your business, increase leads and Conversions and keep growing rapidly?

marketing automation

Easy, You came to this article list of 7 best Online Marketing tools which will give your more leads and sales to boost your business.In this article i have share some of the best marketing tools i have  even included the pricing info for you, there’s a free trial also offered. 

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Here is the list of top 7 best marketing automation tools..

  1. Marketo

marketing automation

Marketo is a complete lead generation and management solution that helps you attract the right prospects, engage them to build relationships close more sales opportunity then measure and ultimately proved the impact of marketing on the business to attract more right visitors to your website marketo offers SEO that scores each of your webpages and recommends ways to appear higher in search results when people visit your site marketo personalized content based on their industry company size and more even if they’re anonymous to immediately engage visitors and drive more conversions want to get more out your existing content marketo finds the assets buried across your website and recommends right content to right person using predictive intelligence when an anonymous visitors leaves your site and goes to another website marketo helps pull them back with a personalized ad by sharing their company details with popular ad network like google and facebook.


marketing automation

Customer io is a platform for automating your lifecycle message so you can get in touch with your users based on what they do or don’t in your app customer io integrates with your software to help you onboard new signups convert them into customers and retain those customer by using behavior and users profile info send people meaningful yet automated messages across email and even add push SMS and letters now can trigger a relevant message at the right time use that same behavior based segmentation to send targeted newsletters without having to bug your developers.

3. Hubspot

marketing automation

Hubspot Marketing Hub is different than the other marketing tool for few reasons, it offers the all in one approach which is really convenient.However hubspot also offers the variety of solutions to attract more visitors,convert leads,grow sales and ultimately delight more customers.  

4. Eloqua

marketing automation

Eloqua is a fully feature loaded automation tool it gives you the meaningful experience. Since, it’s a part of oracle the trust factor get increased,eloqua offers the more than 700 integrations,Lead management,Campaign management,Sales and marketing alignment,marketing measurements,segmentation and targeting and many more.eloqua serves the B2B(business to business) and B2C(business to customer) marketers. 


5. Omnisend

marketing automation

Omnisend helps you make your marketing message relevant  by sending the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel integrate email,sms,push notifications,whatsapp,facebook messenger and moro into the same automation workflow it also offer templates for the most ecommerce friendly workflows from your welcome series to cart abandonment and order the confirmation and with segmentation based on shopping behaviour campaign engagements.However it also allows you drive your sales on autopilot,Imporving targeting and many more.


6. Drip

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Drip is world’s first Ecommerce crm tool designed for making your marketing easy.there are thousand of brands including Polaris,Craft and many more over 6,000 brands are selling with drip. It offers the multichannel automation,building your brand,growing your business and also allows you create your personalized content and automate your campaign based on customer behavoiur.

7. Mailchimp

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Mailchimp is one the dominant tool in the email marketing category, but it now adds the a website builder,web hosting,CRM is designed for the business of all sizes to design,automate and manage marketing campaign across various email platforms,ad channels and many more.However, it also helps you to get your business online and market your business,reach the right people,creating better content automate your marketing,their 250+ app integrations helps you connect your tool to mailchimp and unlock even more features.


I hope this article helped you in search of the best marketing automation tools to boost your online business.

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