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3+ Proven Ways To Make Ebook in 10 Minutes Step by Step Guide(Updated)

What is an Ebook?

Ebook Stands for an electronic book  which is a digital version of your manuscript ebook consists of text,images or both. They can be read on most mobile devices, including: smartphone like iphone or android; Tablets like an ipad or surface;and e-readers like a kindle or nook. All of these can mobile devices can hold hundreds of titles at once. Its like taking a library with you on the go.

Advantages of ebook

Here are the highest 10 Advantages of eBooks over Printed Books:

  1. Accessible Everywhere

eBooks can be downloaded and stored for later use. One can carry the eBook around and browse them whenever they need . Students and employees can go through the training material while at home and even while travelling. it’s convenient for people on the go. Some eReaders come with the option of offline accessibility, allowing people to use it even in the absence of an internet connection.

  1. Shareable Content:

You can share the eBook contents with multiple users. The social feature on the ebook allows sharing and liking of content, which isn’t possible with printed books.

  1. One Device, Many Books:

eBooks are portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. instead of carrying multiple bulky books, one eBook reader can hold thousands of eBooks. It saves a lot of space- in your home and in your bag. One doesn’t have to worry about the storage limit. It allows the user to store lots of books on the device, way more than anyone can read in their lifetime.

  1. Easy on the Eyes:

eReaders lately accompany features where you’ll adjust the brightness of the screen consistent with the time of the day and depending upon your preferences.Many eReaders even have read within the dark feature, with lights that won’t strain your eyes, and neither would they disturb others around you. Users can even change the fonts of the text. they can increase or decrease the dimensions of the font. Basically, eBooks ensure that your eyes are taken care of.

  1. Easily Updates:

The contents on the eBooks are mostly cloud-based, meaning it can be updated any time. Authors and publishers can always add the up-to-date information, providing users with the newest digital content. this protects reprinting costs and therefore the time involved within the process.


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  1. Ebook vs printed books

Printed books have some advantages like it gives you the feel of book which many readers love and also it when it came to eye strain books are always a good choice which e-book doesn’t gives you. But if compare ebook with printed books then it also has it own advantages like you don’t need to carry book you can read anywhere, anytime you want but  with the printed books you must need to carry it, they are more expensive then the ebooks and this is the main reason people are moving toward ebooks.

Process Of Writing An Ebook

  • Choose a topic that matches your audience’s needs.
  • Outline each chapter of your ebook.
  • Break down each chapter as you write.
  • Design your ebook Cover.
  • Use the proper colors.
  • Incorporate visuals.
  • Highlight quotes or stats.
  • Place appropriate calls-to-action within your ebook.
  • Convert it into PDF.
  • Create a landing page for your ebook.
  • Promote your ebook with email marketing


   Ways For Making Ebook

There are lots of ways to make your first ebook Let’s dive into it!



  Canva is online editing tool which offers to you to design anything you want like Poster,logo,Facebook Cover,Instagram Post,Desktop Wallpaper and many more.To Design your Ebook Follow the Steps..

  1. Create Your Canva Account
  2. Choose the created template from library
  3. Upload Your Own Images Or Choose Stock Images
  4. Fix Your Images,Edit Text and Add the Stunning Filters
  5. And Last Save and Download.
  6. And Now Your Ebook is Ready!

Microsoft Word


If You want to make a Simple Ebook no editing,effects,animations and S

tunning Filters then you can easily do that in Microsoft Word. All you have to do is that Write Your Content in Microsoft Word and Make A Cover for your ebook and add it to your first page of the content.That Set! 

Your Ebook is Ready!

Google Docs


Google Docs is a web based software office suite by google,it offers you the best and smart editing and styling tool which helps you to create a best ebook. Making an ebook with google docs is more easier than word because of its most advanced features like the research tool,suggesting mode,table of content sidebar,creating folder and many more to make the best ebook. 

Watch This Video for making your best ebook with google docs

Types of E-Book Formats

  • EPUB

Epub is stands for electronic publication which is supported by many e-readers, and compatible software is available for the most smartphones,tablets, and computers.

  • MOBI

Mobi format is designed for the ebook readers this file format is used by most popular ebook readers,including Kindle Apps for ios,Amazon Kindle and android device.

  • AZW

The AZW file type was developed by Amazon for use with their range of Kindle eBook readers. The proprietary format is employed for eBooks that need DRM protection. The file format is that the same as the MOBI file type which is used for eBooks that don’t require DRM protection.

  • PDF

PDF stands for “portable document format”. Essentially, the format is used when you got to save files that cannot be modified but still need to be easily shared and printed. Today almost everyone contains a version of Adobe Reader or other program on their computer which will read a PDF file.

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  1. Kindle Direct Publishing


Kindle direct publishing is subsidiaries of amazon which is allows you to reach millions of readers of the amazon. Because amazon has a large number of audience. If reach to those audiences then you can easily expand in the ebook market.It’s no wonder that Amazon’s KDP remains on of the most popular platform for authors to sell ebooks on.


Amazon pays out a royalty of 70% on all Kindle titles priced between $2.99 to $9.99. For eBooks priced below $2.99 and above $9.99, Amazon pays out only 35% (royalty table here). Note: the 70% plan is predicated on the publisher’s net profit and also the 35% plan is predicated on the gross revenue price of the book (so 35% can be a better rate).

2. iBooks


If you’re writing an educational nonfiction book, you can hone in on your audience a bit more by publishing it to iTunes U, their platform specifically for educational material.iBooks are interactive digital books which will include pictures, videos, music/sounds, accessible mathematical equations and more Apple iBooks is perfect for maintaining with family and friends.Once you’re familiar with these formats, you can now decide which one you would like to possess for your e-book. If you’re thinking for making a quick e-book that you just want to offer at no cost on your website, then go for iBooks,you need to think about which format might work best for your’s Very user friendly and entertaining.


For Publishing on iBooks Apple Charges 30% commission.

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3. Smashwords


Are you looking for another way to distribute your publications outside of amazon kindle direct publishing platform? Would you like to know self publishing platform with the widest reach outside the Amazon marketplace? Then you have  to check out smashwords one of the few  notable aggregate self publishing platforms today but publishing on smashwords is worth it,and can you actually make money publishing on smashwords with smashwords your Earning potential is up to 60% of sales from outside retailers, and 80% from purchases made at the Smashwords store.Smashwords is one of the most well known aggregate self publishing platforms today. Smashwords distributes to apple ibooks in 51 countries,barnes & noble U.S. and U.K, scrib,Kobo,Blio,Inktera. Library distribution channels that reach hundreds of thousand locations,inluding overdrive,baker,& Taylor Axis 360,tolino,gardner,bibliotheca cloudlibrary,and odilo. Pound for pound,smashwords has the farthest reach,of all kindle alternatives today.

4. Kobo


Going wide in self-publishing can bring many benefits – especially when you go direct with key players such as Kobo. Kobo writing life is owned by Rakuten which makes it more trusty and valuable.Kobo is one of the four amazon alternatives,so what exactly is kobo writing life? It is a free self publishing platform.

Yes! You heard Right,it’s right free to upload free to distribute there and of course they’ll get their percentage of fees for you to fulfill it through them. But to me i think they actually offer a lot for the self publisher in fact they have to option by way of ebook and audiobook publishing. Now, how much money you can make with kobo writing life which everybody wants to know,You’re going to get 70% royalty for anything that is $2.99 and greater.

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5. Draft2Digital


Draft2Digital is an aggregate publishing platform meaning they distribute to a variety of online retailers and subscription services. Unlike Amazon KDP, when you publish through Draft2Digital your work has more distribution options outside of one large online retailers. Currently, Draft2Digital distributes to iBooks, Barnes and Noble,Kobo and Kobo Plus,Inktera,Scribd,24symbols,Tolino,Playster and their later acquisition Overdrive.According to their FAQ, Draft2Digital is currently Pursuing Ingram,Google Play and Amazon. If they’re able to land anyone of those distribution avenues, D2d could very well cement themselves as the go to resource for self publishers. It’s free to start up an account and upload your content.Draft2Digital Merely Collects a percentage of your books sales, so they don’t get paid unless you get paid.their fee at most online retailers comes out to about 10% of the retail price,or technically 15% of ner royalties.You can expect to be paid every 30 days,but only according to the individual online retailer.In most instances,that payout doesn’t come until 60 days after the close of month.They pay out by check paypal payoneer,or direct deposit, whatver suits you. I like this option and believe Draft2Digital to be the best when it comes to honouring all payments types. 

6. IngramSpark


IngramSpark is one of the most popular self publishing platform which provides the eBook Publishing and Print on demand services.if you’re publishing through ingramspark you’re going to be getting a very very wide distribution of your book be it,paperback, or even in this instance, hardback.

How much does IngramSpark cost?

IngramSpark pricing varies depending on the kind of book and service that you simply select. it’s $49 to publish both a print AND an eBook, whereas it’s $49 to publish a print book only and $25 to publish an eBook only.

If you go through KDP for your publishing, as most authors know, it’s free. Amazon makes their money from the royalties accrued through book sales. 

But IngramSpark does charge a fee. It is $49.00 per title. But that’s not all.

To make any revisions to your book after it’s been published could cost you a whopping $25.00 whenever , and, you’d have to go through the publishing set up again.

Trust me, you would like to try and do this just one occasion . If you read one thing from this IngramSpark review, it should be this. Not only is it time consuming, but costly if you’re always revising something. 


Here is why use IngramSpark?

7. Payhip


Payhip is a simple platform that allows you to sell your ebook directly to your customers there on payhip you are able to sinup upload your ebook setup a price and begin selling your ebook on your website,blog,social media account or anywhere else on the internet that you have an audience. Payhip also allows you to take payments directly from your buyers it helps you promote your ebook with discount codes and coupons for your customers and your customer can download their purchase on any device this includes desktop,computers,laptops,tablets and mobile phones. To sinup and create your account on payhip is fairly easy all you need is your email and a password to create your account you can do so on the homepage there.

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8. Publish drive


Publish drive is similar to other self publishing platform it’s free to upload and free to use all you need is your EPUB for your interior files and JPEG for your book additional cost they also offers the formatting and editing services,so that way,you have your book fully polished before it hits the marketplaces and boy does publishdrive have a ton of different marketplaces and reach that you can either opt into or opt out of. And these distributors include amazon,apple ibooks,google play,kobo,barnes and noble,scrib,overdrive and many more. 


Publish drive offers the subscription based services which now has the publisher’s tab too.


How to Market Your ebook(Strategies)

When you self-publish on Amazon (or the other ebook publishing platform), you’re more than just the author. You’re also the publisher. which means you get to do the work of any good publisher team of book editors, graphic designers and marketers.Aside from the book editing (best to get at least one fresh set of eyes on it), the book title (very important to selling your book as well as SEO) and therefore the book cover (yes, people do judge a book by its cover), there’s variety of pre-marketing steps you need to take after publishing.

  • Create a Blog

A blog is really good way to promote your ebook now these days creating blog is very easy.there are lots of platforms which allows you to create your blog site for free, one of the most popular and my favourite is it is 100% free and open source.

Click Here to Create you free blog on Try WordPress 

Advantage of having a blog

 A blog gives you a chance to showcase your writing, engage with future readers, and (once published) drive traffic to your ebook landing page. And besides, you’re a writer, and a blog gives you a pretty cool outlet to write and write often.

  • Start Marketing with Landing pages


Marketing with landing page make you easier to get more conversion, i know you already know building email list is greatest way to send traffic to your blog or landing page and that’s true.

Building email list is one the effective and smartest ways to keep in touch with your future buyers. The best way to do this is through unbounce landing page builder which has 100+ high converting landing pages templates.

  • Send out Email marketing automation campaigns


When you start to get lead information from people who are genuinely curious about your upcoming book, it’s the perfect opportunity to stay connected.

Send out regular emails to keep people posted on the progress of your book, more pre-launch campaigns you’re running, the more people get to know you and your work, the more likely they’re going to want to buy your book to support your efforts.the best way to do this is through getresponse which offers the cheapest email marketing campaigns, it is integrated with your favourite appsincluding,Facebook,magneto,Wordpress,Shopify,WooCommerce,Paypal,Salesforce and many more which makes it more trusting also offers you the 30 days free trial for the lists 1000 subscibers or less in size.

  • Announce Your Ebook Release

Just like a traditional publishing house would, you should promote you ebook with a blog article,facebook ads,press release,and also on your social media accounts announcing the official launch of your ebook.

It gives the an alert to your targeted audiences that gives your more conversions of your ebook.

Pro Tip(*)

Run the Google ads and Facebook ads that gives you more leads for your ebook.



I hope this article helped you in search of the how to make ebook which creates passive income in your life.

Comment Down Below Your Favorite Method of making ebook.

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